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Denver Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Explains Constitutionality of DUI Stops 

There are many potential defenses against drunk driving charges. In this video, listen to Colorado DUI lawyer Jake Johnson detail a common, powerful defense that can help get your charges reduced or dropped after a drunk driving arrest.

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Some of the common and most powerful defenses we have in defense of DUIs are going to be challenging the constitutionality of the initial contact by the police officer. In the United State of America, we all know that you are entitled to be free from unlawful searches and seizures. What that means for me and what that means for my clients is that if an officer has made contact and detains someone for an unlawful reason, we absolutely need to flush that out and bring that to the court’s attention, and seek suppression of any evidence that was obtained because of an unlawful search or seizure.

There’s a lot of case law and a lot of different defenses that surround search of a car. And without getting into all the specifics, just know that if something’s in plain view, so if an officer can look in and they see that joint right in the middle of the dashboard there, well, they’re going to take that, and they’re going to us it as evidence against you. Now, whether they can get into different parts of your car is going to be very fact specific. And I want you to give me a call at DUI Defense Matters to discuss your specific circumstance so we can formulate a plan to see if that evidence can be used against your or not.

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