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What Can I Expect in a DUI Attorney Consultation

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Denver, you should seriously consider hiring a criminal defense
attorney. Experienced attorneys can make sure your constitutional rights were protected during the
arrest and after, and they can investigate the situation to raise all proper defenses applicable to the
Denver DUI defense attorney Jake Johnson started his career as an Assistant Public Defender. He then
moved on to be an Assistant District Attorney in the Sedgwick County District Attorney's Office in
Wichita, Kansas before moving to Colorado. He has a great deal of experience litigating felony trials from
both sides of the aisle: both the state and for criminal defendants. In this video, he reviews what a
person can expect when they come to our DUI defense law firm for a consultation.

Transcription: So if you've been charged with DUI and you want to come see us for a consultation, bring any
paperwork that you've got, bring your bond paperwork so we know what your requirements are for as
far as not leaving the state, not drinking alcohol. Come to us, bring any witnesses that may have been
with you, maybe somebody that was in the car, along with you and what we want to do is just talk about
what happened on the night in question, what you remember, why you were pulled over, what your
interaction with the police was like, what you remember from being at whether the hospital or the
police station, and just getting a basic idea of what happened. Then from there, we're going to give you
the nuts and the bolts of your driver's license consequences, what you're looking at in terms of criminal
penalties, and then we're going to go through what might be some potential defenses, and then at the
tail end we'll talk about costs and how we can arrange getting you financed.

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