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My License Was Revoked for DUI; What Are the Best Ways to Get Around Denver?

01254989So you were arrested for DUI and now your license has been revoked. This can make it difficult and frustrating to get to work, school, day care or to visit your friends and family. You don’t have to stress too much, though – there are people who go their whole lives without cars AND live a meaningful and prosperous life. As tempting and easy as it would be to drive your own car, doing so is a bad idea. Here are some travel alternatives for people who cannot drive due to a DUI:

  • You can look into apps such as Uber and Lyft. Depending on how far you are traveling, these can be more accessible and less costly than cabs.
  • If you have friends who live nearby and they have cars, you can ask them for rides. The great thing about friends is that they are easier to barter with than Uber or cab drivers – offer to watch their kids or cook them dinner one night in exchange for driving you to work and home. Gas money can also go a long way in securing a ride from a friend.
  • The Denver bus system is great – you can purchase a monthly pass from RTD for an affordable price and get unlimited rides anywhere with a bus stop. It may take a little longer to get from point A to point B, but you save on gas and don’t risk getting more serious charges from taking your own vehicle.
  • If you are fitness-minded, only have to drive a short distance or are fairly close to downtown, there is a program called B-Cycle that offers several different plans to cater to your bike rental needs. Of course, if you have your own bicycle, that’s a much cheaper option.
  • Denver’s light rail system is very affordable and has 46 stations in the city. It’s also fast – 55mph, no lights, no traffic. This could be a great alternative to driving.

It sucks having a car and not being able to use it, but you really don’t want to be caught driving on a suspended license; you could face jail time and fines if you do.

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