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Dank Delivered to Your Doorstep? Colorado May Allow It

Driver SmokingThe snacks are ready, the Adventure Time is queued up and the Xbox controllers are charged when your pal Zeke gives you a call and lets you know he’s almost there – but you forgot to go to the dispensary to pick up the party favors and you don’t have time to drive. What do you do? Call a friend and see if they can pick up for you?

Depending on the results of an upcoming vote in Colorado, you might be able to phone it in and order some bud right to your door.

The bill is SB 192, a measure that would potentially allow Colorado pot shops to start delivering weed. Under current law, door-to-door deliveries are illegal because the only way to legally sell marijuana is within state-sanctioned dispensaries. The bill has bipartisan support and could solve problems related to marijuana DUIs, or sick people who can’t go out to purchase marijuana from dispensaries.

Provisions of SB 192

  • Marijuana dispensaries and stores would need to apply for a delivery endorsement from the state. This would allow employees or approved contractors to deliver marijuana products, including flowers, concentrates and infused products to adults over 21 or parents and guardians of medical marijuana cardholders
  • Local jurisdictions could not prohibit these deliveries
  • Daily purchase limits apply
  • Licensed delivery operations would be required to meet specific training procedures. These include age verification, record keeping, security, vehicle requirements and limits on how much marijuana is allowed in a vehicle

The hearing is scheduled for March 1.

If you have been charged with drug-related driving crimes in Colorado, our law firm can help you get your charges and penalties reduced or dismissed.

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