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Boozing Boys in Blue: Two Officers Arrested for DUI in Denver

BLOG DUI Schaufele Supreme Court Case PHOTOIt has been a rough time for Denver Police Department’s boys in blue – in the last three weeks, two of Colorado’s finest have been arrested for alleged drunk driving.

The first incident occurred on February 14 in Castle Rock, wherein the DPD officer in question was pulled over and subsequently charged with DUI, careless driving and prohibited use of a firearm. The weapons charge resulted from the officer’s possession of his duty sidearm while intoxicated, a misdemeanor in the state of Colorado.

This particular officer has a history of controversy, due to a 2008 incident in which he was accused of attacking a volunteer firefighter. The firefighter was choked and cuffed after a sarcastic remark made toward the officer. The firefighter was paid $45,000 to settle the case, though no criminal charges were filed against the officer.

The second incident involved a motor vehicle accident. The officer involved was allegedly driving intoxicated and failed to yield while making a left turn, causing a collision.

There is some kind of irony in police officers being arrested, but it only stands to show that police officers are human, too. To work in law enforcement begets a huge amount of stress and pressure, which can sometimes trigger problems with substance abuse.

Both officers remain on paid duty but are working at their desks until their DUI cases are resolved. Neither was on duty at the time of their arrests, meaning that they will most likely keep their jobs following appropriate disciplinary and rehabilitative actions.

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