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Were There More Super Bowl DUI Arrests in 2017 Than 2016?

BLOG DUI Are blood breath and urine tests reliable PHOTOThe data is in from CDOT’s “The Heat Is On” anti-drunk driving campaign. Following the festivities of the Super Bowl, the number of DUI arrests in Colorado went down compared to last year. From February 3 to February 6, there were 273 arrests, including 38 by the State Patrol, 29 by Aurora Police Department, 28 by Colorado Springs police and 27 by Denver police. Last year, the Super Bowl weekend resulted
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Sky High with Uber – The Future of Ridesharing?

Driver SmokingUber has fingers in a bunch of speculative technologies, including self-driving cars. But recently, they renewed their commitment to a technology that pulp sci-fi novels have been promising since forever, and tech companies have been promising for decades – flying cars. We know, we know – it seems like every year, someone claims we are only two or three years away from having flying cars. But could it be true this
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Not Sure If You're Too Drunk to Drive? CDOT Has an App for That

Police Lights 20150813 172419 1The Super Bowl may be over, but there are plenty of events and holidays coming soon that people like to celebrate with drinking. Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s, Spring Break, Cinco de Mayo – and moving forward into 2017, you should do what you can to plan out your holiday drinking so you avoid DUIs. Fortunately, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has you covered. If you have a smartphone, tablet or
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Is There Really That Big of a Difference between .05 and .08 BAC?

b2ap3 thumbnail Draft Beer 20150701 202142 1In Colorado, driving with a BAC of .08 is illegal and can net you a DUI charge. Driving with a BAC of .05 can get you a lesser charge of DWAI (driving while ability impaired). But what the distinction? Is a BAC of .05 really that different from a .08? What’s the science behind these two numbers? The Science of Booze in the Blood Using the standard definition of one drink
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Another Reason to Keep Your Marijuana in a Safe Place

b2ap3 thumbnail Rolling JointIn Colorado, you’re allowed to carry up to an ounce of marijuana at a time, and the police can’t hold that against you. However, if you do end up having your marijuana confiscated by police (because you’re carrying too much, or growing too many plants, or it’s with you in the front seat of your car, for example), don’t expect to get it back. The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that
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