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New Bill Changes Conditions of Probation for Felony DUI's

istockgavelandbooksAccording to Colorado’s law, a fourth or subsequent DUI results in a felony charge. However, new HB17-1288 now makes it a requirement when a court sentences the person to probation that they are also required to order one of the following as condition of probation: 1. The defendant would be required to spend from 90 days to 120 days in county jail. This sentence cannot be reduced based on good-time deductions,
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The DUI Process, Part 1: Pullover and Arrest

Easy Illustration of DUI consequencesOver the course of the next month, we’ll be doing an extended breakdown of the process of Colorado DUIs from arrest to case resolution. So, for this blog, we’ll start right at the beginning: the DUI stop. It’s late and you’ve had a couple beers with dinner. You’re driving home from the restaurant when you see the flashing reds and blues in your rearview. You don’t know if you have a
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Dank Delivered to Your Doorstep? Colorado May Allow It

Driver SmokingThe snacks are ready, the Adventure Time is queued up and the Xbox controllers are charged when your pal Zeke gives you a call and lets you know he’s almost there – but you forgot to go to the dispensary to pick up the party favors and you don’t have time to drive. What do you do? Call a friend and see if they can pick up for you? Depending on
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What's Causing the Increase in Marijuana DUI Arrests, Legal Pot or Police Education?

b2ap3 thumbnail Smoking Joint 20150813 172021 1A recent report from the Colorado State Patrol showed a significant increase in the number of DUI-D arrests in 2016. Some would naturally assume that increased drugged driving rates are the result of marijuana legalization, but it this accurate? Or is there some other unexpected variable in play? Chief of Police Bob Ticer of Loveland Police Department believes that it is not increased marijuana usage resulting from legalization that is causing
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What Will YOU Lose? CDOT Rolls Out New DUI Campaign

BLOG DUI Doh DUI The Parked Car DUI PHOTOOne of the most common things we hear from people charged with DUI – “I never thought it would happen to me.” That is the big message behind the Colorado of Transportation’s new DUI awareness campaign, “What Will YOU Lose?” WWYL is a video campaign featuring real Coloradans, not actors, sharing the stories of their DUI arrests and convictions. The videos have already begun airing on broadcast television and CDOT has
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