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A car crash is a situation nobody wants to find themselves in, let alone be responsible for. In Denver, the penalties for these accidents include heightened insurance rates, fines, and, if alcohol was involved, legal repercussions including serious and potential felony DUI charges.  

When a drunk driver is involved in a car crash that leads to property damage or bodily injury, the penalties increase significantly. Colorado police will check the BAC of all parties involved in the accident and are able to charge anyone over the legal limit with a DUI or DWAI. If you are that driver, you may also be held responsible for all property damage or bodily injuries that resulted. Call us at 720-961-8985 if you have been involved in such an incident in the Denver, Aurora or Lakewood area for a free consultation about your case.

Car Crash or Related Accident DUI Police Keys

In addition to a hefty fine and potential jail time, if you are charged with a DUI and are involved in a car crash, you may be held responsible for any bodily injury and damage caused to the persons or property involved. You should consult with an experienced attorney in Colorado right away. The victims of a DUI accident may sue the responsible party for bodily injury, medical bills, lost wages, and any devaluation of property that was damaged in the incident. Our experienced team of former prosecutors have years of experience defending crash related cases in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood and the surrounding area and can help reduce or eliminate the negative repercussions.  

Property Damage

When a DUI accident results in property damage or bodily injury, whether it be due to a single car crash or a collision involving multiple vehicles, the penalties can quickly increase and will often lead to a felony charge. It is imperative to contact a Colorado DUI lawyer who specializes in car accident cases such as this to review your arrest records and establish a defense that can be presented in court and save you from possible life-changing consequences of your crash. 

Bodily Injury

If another person was harmed your DUI accident case, you could be potentially facing both criminal and civil lawsuits related to the medical bills, lost wages and other property damages that occurred as a result of the victim's bodily injury. The criminal penalties for such a case in Colorado can range from driver’s license suspension and expensive fines to a year of time spent in jail. A felony DUI charge is also possible in the case of a car crash involving bodily injury or property damage and can have devastating lifelong effects. If you have been in a car accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs it is important that you seek legal representation right away.

Call our Denver offices at 720-961-8985 now for a review of your case.  

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