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Marijuana DUIs Are Great Cases to Take to Trial; Ask Our Attorney

If you are charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, you should know that with the help of an attorney, you may be able to have your charges reduced or dropped. Marijuana cases are great cases to take to trial because often, the evidence that you were driving impaired is weak. Our attorneys are always ready to take your case to trial. In this video, Denver DUI lawyer Jake Johnson elaborates on these points.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving in Colorado, you would benefit greatly from the services of a DUI attorney. You can reach our law firm at (720) 542-6148.

These DUI marijuana cases are much more amenable to a trial because you can fight back and so a lot of times the DA, they don’t think people are going to go to trial because most of them don’t. There’s a lot of lawyers out there that, for one reason or another, maybe they’re uncomfortable in trial, maybe they don’t like to, but we here at DUI Defense Matters, we’ve all gone to trial. We’ve all been prosecutors and gone to trial hundreds of times. If you have one attorney that you’re not comfortable with and maybe they’re not giving you the best advice, you don’t think that they’re ready to go to trial for you, it is possible to switch attorneys. Certainly we’ve met with people who already have attorneys and we always try to give deference to that person. We’re not looking to badmouth anybody because certainly we’re going to see those people out and about, but we’re certainly willing to talk to people if they want us to give a second opinion about their case. I’m certainly willing to do that. I tell people when they come in with a DUI marijuana I say these are great cases to go to trial on. If they’re not going to give us a good deal, push them to trial and we’ll go the distance.

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