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Stuff happens. We get it. At DUI Defense Matters, we’re not interested in judging or lecturing; we just want to help sort things out so you can move past a DUI, DWAI or other traffic offense.

Sorting things out is where we excel. Our roster of experienced and aggressive lawyers understands the fallout from a DUI can affect much more than just your driving privileges, so we work together to serve all your related needs. In addition to fighting drug or alcohol-related driving charges, we also handle:

  • Family Law: If drinking habits are impacting your family life, we have divorce practitioners and mediators on hand, ready to support you.
  • Employment Law: Are you worried a DUI might be cause for termination or other strife at your job? Protect yourself with lawyers well-versed in labor rights.
  • Immigration Law: We’ll make sure you’re treated fairly if a DUI jeopardizes your legal status in the United States.
  • Criminal Defense Law: Our crew deals efficiently and confidently with property damage and insurance claims.

Furthermore, we join forces with certified professionals who can help clarify your case—whether it’s a medical affiliate verifying a health condition or an accident reconstruction expert illuminating a crucial detail.

When you work with us, you work with a team. And though we can’t say much for our running game, our shared knowledge and efforts means we’re covering the entire field—every time.

One more thing: we believe in personal contact so don’t hesitate to call, e-mail, tweet, or telegram us. We’ll be there well past the goal line.  


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