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DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers in Colorado – DUI Attorneys for Alcohol and Drug Related Offenses

An alcohol or drug related driving offense requires immediate action to fully protect all of your rights. In most cases you only have 7 days in which to begin defending your rights. If you have been arrested or charged with an alcohol or drug related driving offense, then you need an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer who can immediately help you. The sooner you contact your Denver criminal defense lawyer the better off you will be.

Prior to entering private practice, our attorneys prosecuted and defended misdemeanor and felony alcohol and drug related driving offenses to juries. Having been on both sides of these cases they have seen firsthand that the difference between an acquittal and a conviction is the knowledge and experience of the defense attorney. Contrary to popular opinion, it can be very difficult for the State to prove their case if the defense lawyer knows the appropriate arguments to make on behalf of their client.

Our attorneys specialize in alcohol and drug related driving offenses, and have the knowledge and experience of a 28 attorney law firm behind them to handle your case. They are ready to take your case and begin defending your rights. No matter what your situation is they will find an answer and fight for you.

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